Tales of the Nephilim


It’s crazy how life is full of unexpected event sometimes. Before I had a dream. Just a simple one : Succeed in life and maybe being my own boss. It make me laugh, really. You think that everything is going to be ok and BAM something make you trip on the way, how fucked up is that ? If fate exist I want to bitch slap her. I had a friend who asked me one day  » Why do we fall ? »

I think he just quoted a movie, Batman begins if I remember. I answered something like « So we can learn to pick ourselves up ». But even that I couldn’t do it. I sank in the dark and cold place of procrastination. I succumbed to uselessness, just because of stress and a bit of hardship in school. I was the typical superficial kid who liked to dress in the latest brands, boys wanted me. When I look at me in the mirror now, all I see is a blond skinny girl, with blue eyes who lost all the shine into them. At first people wanted to help me, but I didn’t let them. My pride got the better of me, I kept them at arm’s length. I scream at my friends and family, I even fight. That made me sink even deeper. I switched to hard drugs, alcohol and mindless physical relationship. I became my worst enemy.

One day, my parents kicked me out of the house, because they couldn’t stand me anymore. I don’t blame them, I kept stealing money from them just so that I could buy drugs. I lived in the street, whoring myself just so that I could eat and buy some Heroin. Rapidly I couldn’t stand myself anymore.

I tried to kill myself, by overdose. I didn’t work, I woke up hours later completely clean. That’s not possible. Me clean ? Huh I couldn’t even do it when my parents wanted me to be. It was a sure way to end it all, I must have done miscalculation in the dosage or I must have imagined it, silly me.

So right now I’m on a Golden gate bridge, prepared to do my angel jump. Now I’m going to be sure… I’m scared to jump. People try to stop me by reasoning with me, but I gave up on my entourage month ago. Ha, life is worth living ? My parents gave up on me, my friends ignore me when they see me in town. I’m egoist, everything is always about me.

I jump. The water is approaching increasingly fast, so I close my eyes. I can feel the shock with the sea reverberate in all my body. Everything is dark, I’m finally going to be free.

« Wake up, you Idiot. »

My eyes pop open, and I find blue eyes gazing right into mines. It’s a man, a beautiful man clothed weirdly, something like a white toga. He is towering me and look down on me, like he is a fucking more superior person than me. I try to stand up but I can’t, he put his bare foot on my chest. We are still on the bridge, I can see people around us but no one seems to pay attention. In fact it’s like they are ignoring us by avoiding running into us.

« Who are you ?! Can you just leave me alone ! Damn let me stand. » I scream.

I try to shake him off me, but the asshole won’t budge. I scream for help, but nobody comes or pay attention to us. Why ? My faith in humanity decrease a bit more.

« They cannot see us. » He says watching me intently with his electric blue eyes. I can’t stop watching him.

« But you can see me because I want you to. » He  remove his foot and stretch his hands to me.

I stand up on my own, ignoring him. I try to leave, but he catch my arm and tighten his grip. It hurts. He yanks me toward him and make me watch him.

« I don’t understand you, I saved your life before this by erasing the poison in you that you willingly took. I thought that you would take that as a sign, that maybe your life is not as worthless that you would think. But here you are trying to kill yourself again. » I can see his beautiful eyes filling with pity.

« Fuck you, I never asked for your help ! » I try to get free, but he is too strong.

« The thing is, you must not die. Or else things are going to be really bad, for a lot of people. »

« Didn’t you hear me ? I said fuck you ! Let me go, I don’t care about anyone ! » I struggle but he is not even fighting me.

« Renée. »

I stop myself.

« How do you know my name ? » Not only that… how did he save me ? We are hundred of meters suspended on this bridge. And I think about how everyone is ignoring us as if we weren’t here.

« You finally begin to think, let’s found somewhere where we can talk. »

And my entourage change into a landscape, I think we are on some Hills right now. It’s not possible, yeah. I’m just hallucinating because of the drugs it’s an aftereffect quite common. And a man this beautiful can’t exist, I must be dreaming. I sit on the green carpet of herbs.

« The reason I saved you is simple, I must help you live until you die of old age. But you don’t make it easy believe me, you messed up your life quite a bit. You are so weak of heart. »

« Why can’t I die ? I should… this is what I want. And an hallucination like you can’t… »

« The thing is that I am real, as real as it gets. And I’ll answer your question. The reason you can’t die is that if you do, a powerful being will get free by possessing your body. She will wreak havoc in the human world and my Lord don’t want her free. So, whatever you do, I won’t permit you to die. » He sit beside me.

« I’ve never been a believer of all that catholic crap, excuse me if I don’t believe you. » I add.

For real, I’ve not even set foot in a church or even a mosque in my entire life.

« It’s fine, I’m going to have to keep an eye of you. I freed you of your addiction already. I guess I’ll have to keep an eye on you for the rest of your life. But first, I’ll have to find somewhere you can call home. It should be easy if you wish to do some effort. »

« I’m not promising you anything, even if all of this is true I don’t care about people or the world. »

This is unbelievable, seriously. I must be high, and what does he mean freed me ? It’s true that I woke up clean and that I don’t think about drugs anymore… but is that ok ?

« Who are you anyway ? Why going… no you already told me why and of course I don’t believe you. But at least tell me your name. » I ask.


« For now, I’m not going to tell you who I am just call me whatever you want. »


He disappeared before my eyes, just like that.


« Assholes ! »




I wander near the squat where I sleep nowadays. Damn that bastard he even killed my needs for a cigarette, I tried to sip some beer that I stole in the store earlier it tasted so bad that I spit it out. He wasn’t kidding… Damn I am clean of everything. And did he put a curse on me ? I can’t swallow alcohol, I’ve developed an irrational fear of drugs or… is it in my head ? But the man served me everything that I secretly wanted. Get out of that hellish spiral I was in.

Days pass, I break into the house of my parents and steal all my administrative paper that they didn’t gave me. Everything that should help have a new life in fact, I’m eighteen and it’s time I fend for myself no ? I even stole the money in the cookie jar that mom hide in her closet. One hundred fifty dollars.


« You know stealing is not good. » The man appeared again.


« Stephen are you a fucking Angel ? Because you act like it, unless you are a fucking Alien. » I say not even turning to see him.


I take the backpack in my room who was left like I remember. Maybe I should leave a note saying what I took. I undress to put on clean clothes on me. I’m in the process of putting a jeans, a T shirt  and converse…


« At least you finally guessed which type of entity I am. And you gave me a name, weirdly I like it. Stephen. »


The man put his hands on my shoulders. It made me jump and look at him with watchful eyes.


« Oh my god you are real ! »


« I never said I wasn’t. »


He pushed me on the bed and I didn’t even see it coming when his lips where on mine. His hands were all over me, I didn’t even tried to resist. Why ? The guy is like my dream man and I want to have some clean sex once in a while. The next hours are just a bunch of screaming and moaning. I completely gave myself to that angel. And when I wake up he was gone, maybe he was still spying on me, that’s what he said he do. I hope he comes back to have a piece of me later. I am a slut…


before leaving I left a note to my mom and father, saying that I’m leaving San Francisco and that I took the money in their closet and all my papers (passport, driver license, and everything bank related that they must have saved up for university).


« Bye. » I said when I closed the door.




« I am pregnant ? »


« Yes, miss Ackerman. » The doctor say.


I just came because I didn’t feel well, I kept feeling nauseated. I kept puking my favorite spicy food… and a lot of smell are bothering me. Like the one of my new boss in the café where I work. And I thought I was having an illness… Stephen left me a nasty present, huh.


« How much months ? »


« Five or six, but we will know better through a echography. Do you want to have one, now ? »


I nod.


It showed me a fetus in Technicolor, the baby is six months old and it’s a boy. Just one crazy sex and this is what I get ? That’s not fair, I can barely survive enough for myself, I don’t need one mouth more to feed. I should just abort him, everything would be fine then. But… when I see that little guy I can’t bring myself to do that. He is innocent, he didn’t choose to be there. The female doctor look at me through her black glasses, maybe she think that I am pondering on the situation.


« You know abortion isn’t legal when they are this size and well developed… » She try to say.


The doctor is really empathic, she must be used to that kind of thing.


« I know, I was just thinking how am I going to raise him. His father come is with me but how is he going to take the news ? I don’t know. But I now that he is here, I want him. » I smile at that, maybe this is a chance ?


The doctor smile at me too, I think she must see a lot of girl my age choose the other option. But that’s weird my belly isn’t that big. I voice my concern to the doctor but she reassure in saying that pregnant women’s belly comes into all shape and that my baby is going to permit to keep wearing my habitual jeans size. But she told me too that wearing dress might be best.


The next day I told my boss what my situation is exactly, he is comprehensive enough to tell me that he will helps. I am working in a café situated in Los Angeles, the la fleur café is in Santa Monica near Santa Monica pear aquarium. A lot of student come here, surfers and tourists. It’s awesome that I could found a clean job like this, it saved me from whoring myself. But you know what I don’t believe in coincidence, I think Stephen helped yet again and I don’t know how. The same way I found a really cheap studio that a really cool granny is loaning me, I must just help her clean and cook. Kathrin is seventy and can’t do everything by herself. Well with her amputated leg it’s quite normal, she depends on me a lot. How is she going to take the news I ask myself.


« You look better than before. » The angel reappeared again.


« Where were you ? There are so much that… » He didn’t let me finish that he was already kissing me.


And when I heard people whistling, I realized that other people could see him. So he is as real as it get if I must quotes him. I can’t help but join. When we stop I can see that he is clothed like a surfer, black short and sandals and tight black T-short that with a blue electric logo matching with his eyes.


« I never left you, well let’s say that sometimes I don’t peek at what you do. I have things to do on my own, like yesterday. They… some of my colleagues say that you are pregnant. »


« You know it’s your fault… right ? » I say with more anger than I intended to put in my voice.


He avoided my gaze, a first.


« I’m sorry, you are so beautiful… I couldn’t resist. I observe you since you are a newborn, I gave in to my desire. I almost fell when we did it. »


What he is talking about ?  » Fell ? » And it worry me that he spy on my since my birth. He is a crazy angelic stalker ?


« I almost became a fallen angel. » He declare.


« Oh the kind who are like Lucifer and other fallen ? I studied a bit of Christianity, Judaism and other related religion. » I studied too much in fact. You know I plan to go to university, but I must work for it first and gather money. Kathrin wants me too. She’s my friend.


Stephen is tensing up, there is something he doesn’t tell me.


« Hey, Renée get back to work. You’ll see your boyfriend later. » My boss say while laughing.


I turn to him and shout a « I’m on it ! »


« See you later my love. » Stephen say, but he already disappear when I face the other way.




Stephen has been  visiting my three times a week for the past four months. He helps me when he can in my study or surprise me by coming to come pick me. He even met Kathrin who said that she likes him. She must be crushing on him too. The man has the same effect on every woman who looks at him. Some of my colleagues even tried to seduce him while I wasn’t watching. But he gallantly refused to flirt with them. That was for the two months were I could continue to work in the café. But yeah the boss decided to let me have some maternal leaves. Stephen paid for the rent in advance and helped Kathrin in my stead. But disappeared with a « Duty call » like sentence.


I’m in my ninth months and I think Kamael is going to pop out at any time. That is how I decided to call him, it’s a him. A boy. Stephen likes the name he said one of his friend has the same but with a « C ». Normal, that’s an angel name. Sometimes he worry me, Stephen watch me like I might disappear or hate him at any given moment. It was true at first, but it’s not the case anymore. I cannot live without him in my life. It sicken me, that I’ve become a clingy and emotional woman. He explained a lot of things to me that scared me, like the fact that I can see Aura now, sense people at a distance or even can speak other languages that I didn’t study. He said that it is because of the baby who is sharing blood with me, then his powers.


I’m with Kathrin and we watch TV. She’s joking about those weird music that youngsters listen nowadays. She don’t like Tupac but mysteriously like to hear AC/DC that I found more noisy. Something happen suddenly, there is water flowing out of a very intimate place.


« I think it’s… time. » When I put my hands on my belly, Kathrin eyes were full of fear.


« Oh no, now ? » She say open mouthed.


« Stephen ! » I scream.


I can hear the door of the house open in a « Slam » sound. He appear in the lounge and just take me in his arms. We flew to the door and the next moment we were in a hospital. He didn’t lose anytime.

The medical staff took care of me. And it was twelve long hours of suffering. Never again ! It will be the only child I will have. But… my son is so cute. He took after his father, the nurse kept kidnapping him for whatever reason just to hold him. The little one is ravenous when I breastfeed him, he cry for it even when he is full. The nurse said that I create more milk than needed for a normal human. Well it’s normal I think, after all his father isn’t human. Kamael is half of what he is.


« I love you, little one. » I keep saying.


The little one in question his in my arms and is asleep, he loves just to be in my arms. And I believe that he is aware of what is around him… that shouldn’t be possible but he proved it with the feeding bottle. He got the same eyes as Stephen and the same black hair… The nurse comes again to take a picture, I forbade it but they do it anyway. What’s with them ?


« That’s because of the power of charm. Angel cannot control it, the Nephilim boy too. »


There is a man I never saw before. Handsome… on par with Stephen if I compare, but the cruel glint in his eyes didn’t escape me. He declared that his name is Lucian and spent two hours speaking about angels and their duty. He said that Stephen his going to come kill our son. I told him to get out. That I don’t believe him, to never appear before me again.


« We will see each other soon. I don’t doubt it. » How can a man be so cruel ? Even when he smiles ?




I’ve been discharged and went back to my studio. Kathrin fallen in love with Kamael and always ask for him. The following days she helps me more than she must and take care of him when I need to sleep. Stephen keep an eye on him, but he never try to hold him or spend time with him.

That made me suspicious of him. What Lucian told me keep popping into my head and the name Nephilim too. When I look for it and the story behind those beings I rush into the house. But it’s too late, I found a bloody scene in my house and Stephen  trying to choke the life out of my son with a pillow. I pounce him of my son with all my might. I take my son into my arms and run away.


He killed Kathrin, she must have tried to stop him.


I’m on the beach and run and run. But can I really escape him ? He prove that I can’t… And catch me.


« I’m sorry, I must do this. This is the law. »


« Fuck you ! leave my son alone. » How could I have been so blind ? Life isn’t so sweet, it’s a slut who stab you in the back when you don’t expect it.


« I must kill him. »


« Then Kill me first. » I shout at him kick him with my son in my arms.


He take him and send me in the sand. Stephen is advancing in the sea when I come into my sense. Actually he is walking on  the water with Kamael in his harm. I swim after him. I’m into high sea when I watch behind me. Something yank me into the water… And I see that man Lucian pulling me in the water. I can’t escape minutes pass… and I think that I’m dying.


I’m dying.


But I can feel something invade me. Smothering me more than the water in my lunges. Please let me at least save Kamael.


*** (Stephen)


I must do it. I must kill him or they might kill me. He is a breathing sin. That extension of mine, he already took a bit of my power when he came into this world. Now all I have to do is to toss him into the water, it’s the ancient ritual to kill his kind. Renée his going to hate me… She might already be doing that. I’ll stick to watch her from afar again. But those moment I spent with her were special, I wish I could have been born human to stay with her…


I feel a shock behind my back.


I turn and Can see Renée behind me, blood is flowing out of the wound she just inflicted me. She screwed me with her hand. I can see her bloody hand. She snatch the Nephilim from my arms. She’s walking on water and smile creepily at me. A golden aura surround her.


« I failed. »


« Yes, and now you are no match for me. » The Demon just awoken, she must be still weak. But so I am with a quarter of my power in the Nephilim.


It should be enough.


« Greetings Micheal. »


« Lucifer. » I see there is nothing I can do. I choose to flee.


*** (Lilith)


« Won’t you kill that Nephilim ? » Lucifer ask me.


« No. He is mine, don’t you find him cute ? » I say.


In fact the memories and the feelings of my host are still here, she is in my power. I possess her and she don’t even fight my control on her body. She asked me to save him, this is the price she is willing to pay. And I must say that the little one is soothing my eyes, I can’t wait to see what he is going to look like when he is adult.


« That host is influencing you. » Lucifer say reproachfully.


« So what ? »


He glares at me hard.


« Do whatever you want, but don’t think I’ll help you raise him. He is your problem now. »


He teleport us in a house. It’s not really to my standing, I wish he had a palace… The baby begin to cry, and I sooth him.


« Hello Kamael, I’m your new mom. I hope that we will have fun time together. »